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О компании

About the company

Specialization - development and implementation of innovative technologies in the field of extraction and processing of technogenic raw materials and extraction of & nbsp; concentrate of rare earth metals, separation and production of individual & nbsp; & nbsp; oxides and pure & nbsp; metals, as well as production and & nbsp; sale of final products based on magnetic materials and other rare earth elements.
In the field of technological processes, the group is engaged in the development of high-tech equipment (centrifuges and automated cascades for the separation of group REE concentrates), as well as in the production of aggregates and magnetic systems. The use of advanced technologies of our own design allows us to achieve a level of quality that is not inferior to the best foreign samples.
The vertical structure of the holding allows to implement all stages of production:

Getting raw materials & nbsp;
Extraction and recycling of man-made materials

Division of REE into groups
Using automated cascades

Obtaining Intermediates
Obtaining high-purity oxides and metals for further processing

Production of final products
Polyrites, catalysts for petrochemical industries, magnets SmCo, NdFeB. & Nbsp;

Production of aggregate products & nbsp;
Rotors, magnetic systems